FAQs – How do I pack containers of hand sanitiser?

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

FAQs – How do I pack containers of hand sanitiser?

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a number of customers ask us for advice on how to pack large quantities of hand sanitiser and other cleaning products. Due to Covid-19 these products need to be shipped in bulk in order to get them to where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Here’s our advice for packing bottles of hand sanitiser in bulk.

The Solution

If you’re packing a large quantity of the same sized product it’s more cost effective to pack the products on pallets without using cardboard boxes. This means you can fit more products into a pallet space which means you can ship a greater number of products. But you’ll still require some form of packaging to provide protection and stability to the load.

We advise using pallet sized cardboard sheets or layer pads. These can be placed onto the pallet and in between each layer of product. The layer pad creates a stable base for the next layer of products and protects those underneath. You then need to secure the products and cardboard sheets to the pallet with pallet strapping. We advise using stretch wrap around the entire pallet to fully protect the products and offer further stability.

Many of our customers prefer our once used, heavy duty layer pads, ref AZ829. These cardboard layer pads are slightly over-sized, measuring 1300mm x 1100mm in length by width. This means they just over-hang a standard sized pallet which is ideal for protecting the products on the pallet. The over-hang provides a buffer all around the edges to prevent any products falling out or getting damaged during transit.

Layer pads work perfectly for larger bottles, or containers. If you’re packing smaller containers, opt for pallet trays. The sides of the tray will offer further stability for the products and each tray will create a firm base for you to stack your products. As with the layer pads, you must secure your load to the pallet with pallet strapping and we advise securing the entire pallet with stretch wrap. Our pallet trays, ref AZ978 are great for stacking products on a pallet. These trays are double wall in strength, offering great protection and stability.

Opting for once used layer pads reduces your packaging costs by up to 50%. Cardboard packaging is reusable and fully recyclable making it much better for the environment. When you choose to reuse you reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging and contribute to a more circular economy.


Great for packing bottles, tins, aerosols or plastic containers

Cardboard layer pads can be used to package just about any product where there is a large quantity of the same sized product. Benefits include,

–       Reduced packaging costs.

–       Packaging on demand – order as much or as little as you need.

–       Lower carbon footprint.


What if I need new layer pads?

We also provide a range of brand new layer pads designed to fit a standard or euro pallet. For further information on our range of cardboard sheets and trays, check out our website.


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