Find out why companies are choosing once used layer pads over new

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Find out why companies are choosing once used layer pads over new

Cardboard layer pads are strong and versatile. Perfect for protecting products and providing stability and strength to a pallet of goods.

At Reuseabox we provide pallet sized cardboard layer pads, designed to fit on a standard or euro pallet. Check out how our customers use them:


1. In place of a pallet box

Many of our layer pad customers choose to reuse layer pads as an eco-friendly, low cost packaging solution. Teamed with a wooden pallet, the cardboard sheets can be placed between layers of products, eliminating the need to buy more expensive pallet boxes. The layer pads provide a good level of strength and stability to the load. When packed, the load just needs securing to the pallet with pallet strapping. If you want to provide some added protection you can also wrap the entire pallet in stretch wrap. This will ensure your products are nicely protected inside.

This packaging process is popular with dairies or bottling plants. We provide layer pads designed to slightly over-hang the pallet, providing an extra buffer and keeping your products well protected.

Check out our best seller:

Ref: AZ829: Once used cardboard layer pads

Size: 1300mm x 1100mm x 3mm

Price: 900 @ 18p each


2. As dividers within a pallet box

Euro or standard size cardboard sheets make great dividers between layers of products stacked inside a pallet box. We advise using a cap and sleeve pallet box or a pallet box with a side loading flap to make inserting the dividers and products as easy as possible.

Check out our favourite for this type of packing:

Ref: AZ68: Once used, single wall layer pads

Size: 1200mm x 1000mm x 2mm

Price: 700 @ 26p each


3. As a protective base layer on a pallet

When used as a protective layer pad on a pallet, they can prevent any moisture from travelling up and damaging the products on a pallet.


4. As low cost, eco-friendly void fill

Our large cardboard sheets can be easily wrapped around products, providing a shock absorbing layer against any knocks or bumps. Alternatively they can be shredded and used as eco-friendly void fill.


Why Choose to Reuse?

Once used layer pads are significantly cheaper than buying new, yet there’s hardly any difference in quality when compared to brand new ones.

Once used packaging is also significantly better for the environment. Reusing layer pads enables you to,

–          Reduce your packaging carbon footprint

–          Save trees

–          Save water

–          Save energy


If you’d like more information about our once used cardboard sheets and layer pads, check out our website.


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