Eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap

Bubble wrap has long been a staple in packaging, offering protection for fragile items during transit. However, its environmental impact, stemming from being made from plastic, has raised concerns.

Fortunately, the packaging industry is constantly evolving. Now, there are eco-friendly alternatives that not only safeguard your parcels but help cut plastic waste.

One eco option is cardboard void fill, which utilises waste cardboard to fill empty spaces in packages. By using waste cardboard, this filler keeps items in place during shipping and reduces the need for extra packaging materials. It’s a simple yet effective way to minimise environmental impact while ensuring the safety of your goods.

Another promising alternative to bubble wrap is honeycomb Hive Wrap. This material mimics the hexagonal cells of honeycomb, providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning. Made from 100% recyclable paper, its lightweight yet sturdy structure effectively protects items without adding unnecessary bulk to packages. It has also been designed to fit different shapes and sizes, reducing waste and saving space in shipments.

Here are some tips for using Honeycomb Hive Wrap effectively:

  • Ensure you have enough Honeycomb Hive Wrap to completely surround and cushion your items. Cut the wrap to the appropriate size, leaving enough to fold over and secure the package.
  • For extra protection, consider layering multiple sheets of Honeycomb Hive Wrap around particularly fragile items. This will provide added cushioning and shock absorption during transit.
  • Use eco-friendly tape to secure the Honeycomb Hive Wrap around your package and avoid using plastic-based tapes.
  • Ensure you communicate with your customers that they can recycle the Hive Wrap to minimise waste.

Ditch the bubble wrap today

While traditional bubble wrap may offer immediate protection, its long-term impact on the planet cannot be ignored. On top of that, regulations on single-use plastics are becoming stricter globally.

Sure, bubble wrap might have been a go-to packaging material for decades but with its environmental impact, we need to explore greener alternatives. By making informed choices and embracing these alternatives, your business can play a vital role in reducing plastic waste and fostering a more environmentally conscious approach to packaging.


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