Cardboard Pallet Boxes: What Are They Ideal For?

17 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Cardboard Pallet Boxes: What Are They Ideal For?

Cardboard pallet boxes are among our most popular products, since they offer a fantastic range of advantages. They’re a crucial part of the process when you need to move items (usually in bulk) using wooden pallets.

Pallets are a simple but highly effective solution to the problem of having a large amount of goods to transport. When the system started to be used universally in the early 20th century, the time required to load and unload freight trains and cargo ships was dramatically reduced. The benefits, when compared with just loading items loose, include the following…

  • – Faster loading and unloading process
  • – Lower manual labour costs
  • – Less time for perishable goods to be kept waiting
  • – Less chance of injury while loading
  • – Less chance of damage to the goods

Today, standard-sized wooden pallets are still used to load and carry large loads. Usually, though, items will need to be packed appropriately before being transported via pallets. A fantastic solution for this step is to use cardboard pallet boxes, which also offer a number of benefits. They’re ideal for many different uses, and cardboard is one of the most cost effective materials for large boxes, especially in bulk.

A major advantage is that you can cut costs further by not buying brand new. Used cardboard boxes are perfectly suitable for many types of goods, so you can save money on packaging costs by opting for these. Much of our stock here at Reuseabox is previously used, so we can offer it at a fantastic low price.

Pallet boxes are distinguished from regular cardboard boxes not only by their larger size, but also their enhanced strength. We offer a variety of different pallet box designs, some of which are reinforced to support as much as 1000kg in weight, and all of which are built to protect goods from damage during transport, including international shipping.

If you have any questions about used or new pallet boxes, or you would like any other information about anything we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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