Sell Your Used Cardboard Boxes for Reuse

Sell Your Used Cardboard Boxes for Reuse


At Reuseabox we partner with companies who generate large volumes of cardboard waste to provide an efficient, profitable and environmentally sustainable solution. Find out how we helped this Cleaning Product Manufacturer when a surge in demand created a huge increase in their waste cardboard

The Challenge

A manufacturer of cleaning products recorded a huge growth in demand for their products. As they increased production, this also meant they generated more used cardboard. The manufacturer had a number of items delivered into the factory in boxes and pallets. As the products were unpacked, used cardboard boxes and layer pads were left redundant. The manufacturer was baling this used cardboard. Unfortunately their waste contractor had reduced their rebate for waste collected. Despite being in a contract with the waste company, the company wanted to see if there was an alternative as their cardboard waste was increasing rapidly. They contacted Reuseabox to see if they could sell their cardboard boxes for reuse.

Our Solution – Choose to Reuse

We discovered that around 80% of the cardboard generated was suitable for reuse. The remaining cardboard could be compacted and sent for recycling with the company’s current waste provider. The boxes could be sorted and re-palletised at the point of unpack and a stand trailer was provided for additional storage. Once full, we collected the trailer and re-distributed the boxes as low cost, eco-friendly packing boxes. The layer pads were reused by bottling plants and dairies as low cost dividers.

The Benefits

By creating a Reuse Model and selling their cardboard boxes for reuse, the company achieved,
– A reduction in waste processing and labour costs
– A higher, long term fixed rebate for their waste cardboard
– Environmental benefits – research shows consumers are more willing to buy from companies who are making a positive environmental impact.

Environmental Benefits

When you sell your cardboard to Reuseabox, the environmental benefits are huge!
For every tonne (6.5 pallets) of cardboard that is reused instead of recycled,

– 5 trees are saved
– 2 trees are planted
– 4,386 KWH of energy is saved
– 21,578 litres of water is saved
– Half a tonne of carbon is saved.

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