Pallet boxes are attached to wooden pallets and are also known as bulk boxes.  They are robust and corrugated and used to transport goods in bulk.  They are available in various designs and sizes and are perfect for transporting goods as well as for storing them. They can be seen commonly in warehouses and supermarkets.  Heavy duty pallet boxes are strong and protect the goods inside them. It is also possible to stack smaller boxes neatly in a large pallet box and thus restrict the number of items you have to transport.  It is possible to transport goods that are really heavy with the help of heavy duty pallet boxes.

Compact And Secure Packaging With Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are made of different materials such as plastic, octabins, corrugated cardboard, and plywood.  The strapping machine helps to fix the box to the pallet securely.  The use of these heavy duty pallet boxes makes it possible to transport goods in privacy and also eases storage problems once it reaches the destination.  Heavy duty pallet boxes are available as brand new ones as well as good quality used boxes.  They are perfect for packing compactly and exporting bulky and heavy goods. The heavy-duty cardboard pallet boxes are light though strong enough to transport heavy goods.

Saving On Cost And Space With Pallet Boxes

The introduction of heavy duty pallet boxes has revolutionized the packaging industry.  They have helped to reduce transportation and shipping costs.  Moving goods from place to place has become a lot easier thanks to the presence of these pallet boxes.  They are collapsible and can be compactly stored when not in use.  Unboxed goods can be safely transported without any damage.  These boxes will fit neatly into shipping containers and do not cause wastage of precious space.  The heavy duty ones can be stacked in warehouses, again saving on space and money.

Pallet Boxes, The Choice Of Transporters

Pallet boxes are preferred by transporters as they can be easily loaded and unloaded by forklifts.  This not only results in reduced costs for the transporter, the transportation company, and the recipient but it also helps with increased worker health and safety.  Back injuries to laborers due to transporting heavy goods over long periods have significantly reduced with the introduction of heavy duty pallet boxes and forklifts.  There has also been a good reduction in labor costs due to the ability to use the forklifts.  During the transportation process, there is an efficient use of space in the container, lorry, and in the warehouse.