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10 UK Brands that Support 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet was founded on the principle that a company has a responsibility to give back to the planet for the resources it uses. It was created by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Craig Mathews in 2002 as a way for businesses to hold themselves accountable for their environmental impact. Members commit to giving 1% of their annual sales directly to environmental organisations and their donation is certified. It also ensures smart environmental giving. Environmental partners who receive the donations must also be certified by 1% for the Planet to ensure money is going to the best possible causes. According to 1% for the Planet, only 3% of all philanthropic giving goes to environmental charities. Businesses who sign up are on a mission to change that.

1% for the Planet’s impact has now spread across the globe. To date they have certified over $585 million in environmental giving. Check out the brands that have chosen to be part of this success story for the planet.


1. Patagonia

Patagonia grew from a small company making climbing gear and evolved into a multi billion dollar outdoor clothing brand. What sets them apart is their values and their commitment to environmentalism. In 2022 Earth became Patagonia’s only shareholder as its founder, Yvon Chouinard, signed over ownership to the Holdfast Collective and the Patagonia Purpose Trust. This means all excess profits go directly to help fight the environmental crisis, protect nature and biodiversity and support thriving communities.


Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia’s Worn Wear space, selling pre-loved and patched up gear. Credit: Patagonia

2. Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs are on a mission to change the world for a positive future – one cup of tea at a time. They are B Corp Certified and certified Fair for Life and FairWild which means they pay their farmers and growers fairly. Through their global partners Tree Sisters they have planted over 1.2 million trees. They also support a number of in country non profits including the Eden Project and Soil Association.



&SISTERS create period care with nothing to hide. They create products that are plastic free, irritant free, compostable and reusable. To date they have prevented over 1.5 million kg of plastic from going to landfill. They’re also B Corp certified and their products contain 100% organic cotton.


4. Soul Fruit

Soul Fruit create outrageously good fruit snacks that are healthy, cruelty free and 100% natural. Their ingredients are sustainably sourced and they are carbon neutral.


Soul Fruit 100% natural fruit snacks

Soul Fruit 100% natural fruit snacks. Credit: Soul Fruits

5. The Baby Gifting Company

Founded by a mum of three, the Baby Gifting Company provides unforgettable personalised gifts for babies that are better for the planet. Their products include organic clothing and non-toxic toys.


6. Krystal Hosting

Krystal provide premium web hosting that’s fair to both you and the planet. Instead of shareholder returns they reinvest their profits into protecting the planet. In 2017 they were one of the first website hosts to be powered by 100% renewable energy. They have energy efficient datacentres, all of which have achieved a PUE rating of 1.2 or less. They’re also on a mission to plant a billion trees and have already planted over 5 million!


7. Herbie Wilde

Herbie Wilde make ethically sourced plant based superfood for dogs. Their plant based dog food is both healthy and nutritious for dogs and much better for the planet.


Herbie Wilde plant based superfood for dogs

Herbie Wilde plant based superfood for dogs. Credit: Herbie Wilde.

8. Fill Refill Co

Fill Refill are a zero waste, closed loop household refill company. They’re on a mission to stop single use plastic with their refillable and stylish laundry, personal care and cleaning products. All of their products are registered with the Vegan Trademark and are Cruelty Free approved. They’re also a certified B Corp!


9. Honeywell Bakes

We love the delicious custom made biscuits from Honeywell Bakes! Based in the Northamptonshire countryside, Honeywell Bakes create personalised baked treats that everyone will love. They source their ingredients locally and ensure their packaging is fully home compostable or recyclable. As a certified B Corp they are passionate about creating a business that does the right thing for both people and planet.

10. Canopey

Canopey is the ethical one stop shop that makes it easy to shop sustainably. All the businesses and products they promote are verified by Canopey before they join the marketplace. This means consumers can be sure these products meet the highest ethical and environmental standards.


Ethical Marketplace Canopey

Ethical Marketplace Canopey. Credit: Canopey.

And a bonus one…

11. Reuseabox

We couldn’t finish without mentioning Reuseabox! We help businesses across the UK to Reuse Cardboard Boxes. By keeping cardboard in use for longer we’re helping to protect our natural resources and reduce the impact of the packaging industry. As a certified B Corp we’re passionate about building a business that supports people and planet.  So it seemed like a no brainer for us to join 1% for the Planet. We’ve chosen to partner with reforestation charities across the globe to reach our target of planting 1 Million Trees by 2030.


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