New Printed Single Wall Packing Boxes

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A one off opportunity to get new printed single wall packing boxes for your business.

These high quality cardboard boxes have been intercepted from the waste stream of a well known paint manufacturer. Printed but unbranded, they are made from a strong 200KTB glued single wall board.

Originally used to ship 5 litre containers of paint.

These cardboard boxes have been diverted from recycling. Checkout our Reuse Model to find out more!
  • Condition: New
  • Strength: Single Wall
  • Print Type: Printed

Q. What does 200KTB cardboard mean? 

A. KTB refers to the quality and strength of cardboard boxes. 'K' is a reference to the amount of wood fibre Kraft measured in grams per square metre, 'T' refers to the amount of test paper and 'B' is a type of flute which is 3mm thick.

200 KTB means the weight of the paper used for these packing boxes is 200 grams per square metre, the external paper is good quality Kraft (K) and the internal is test quality (T) with ‘B’ fluting between.

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