New Plain Single Wall Standard Pallet Box Lids

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These single wall pallet box lids are designed to fit a Standard Pallet Box. They can also be used as standard pallet trays or to separate products on a pallet.

Ideal for using as pallet caps to protect the top layer of stock on a pallet.

If you're looking for pallet boxes, these lids are suitable for using with pallet boxes EXAZ80, AZ46 and AZ1081.

However, if you need to double stack the pallet boxes, you will need double wall pallet box lids. Check out our full range of Pallet Box Lids & Boxes Here.

Key Features

  • Condition: New
  • Strength: Single Wall
  • Print Type: Plain

Q. How can I stack my products on a pallet using pallet trays?

A. Pallet trays make a strong and sturdy alternative to layer pads when dividing products on a pallet. Place one lid on a pallet and place your products inside. Place a lid on top and fill with products. Continue until the pallet is fully loaded. The sides of the trays provide extra protection and stability to the load.

  • Standard pallet box lids.
  • Standard pallet trays.
  • Packing picture frames, canvases, plastic sheets or screens and artwork.