Extra Strong Shipping Boxes – Used

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    Extra Strong Shipping Boxes

    Strong Cardboard Boxes

    • These extra strong shipping boxes offer vast protection in transit
    • Well suited to 25kg bags / sacks, bags of compost and bags of sand grit and salt.
    • Made from a string single wall board grade with a 0201 style
    • Great for ecommerce, FBA and Fulfilment.

    Eco-friendly shipping boxes

    • These boxes have been used once before but are in excellent reusable condition
    • Used boxes contribute to a more Circular Economy
    • Save trees, water, energy and carbon by choosing used over new boxes
    • We also plant a tree for every order placed

    Free Eco Delivery

    • Order today and take advantage of our free eco delivery
    • Only available on a small repeat basis (5 pallets per month)
    • On going supply available on a small repeat basis
    • Ideal for companies dispatching their stock on pallets. You can fit 4 per layer on a euro pallet or 6 per layer on a standard pallet with over hang or 6 per layer on a 1200 x 1200 pallet
    • Extra strong shipping boxes arrive flat packed, 160 per half pallet
    • Each shipping box weighs 0.8kg
    • Call 01636 626 476 to request a sample

    Key Features

    • Condition: Used
    • Strength: Single Wall
    • Print Type: Printed

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are the main differences between new and used boxes?

    A. New boxes are boxes which have just been manufactured and have had no uses. Used boxes have been once used before and are a more eco-friendly choice as they contribute to a more circular economy. Quality wise, used boxes arrive clean, dry and in like new condition. They may however contain some print, tape and a few scuffs but this does not impact their power to protect in transport and storage.

    Q. Can these shipping boxes be stacked?

    A. Yes, these boxes are perfect for stacking on a variety of pallets.

    We recommend using these Ecommerce Shipping Boxes for

    • 25kg bags / sacks
    • Bags of compost
    • Bags of sand grit and salt.
    • E-comm / online retailers
    • Plastic moulders
    • Textiles manufacturers
    • Online retailers of printers, computers and ink cartridges / toner
    • House removals and storage companies.
    • Book boxes