Using Cardboard Octabins to Export Heavy Products

17 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Using Cardboard Octabins to Export Heavy Products

Reuseabox is the UK’s largest supplier of used cardboard octabins and pallet boxes.

With a crash lock base and double or triple wall board grade, cardboard octabins are unique in their strength and quality and can hold up to 1000kgs in weight. So what kinds of products are best suited to cardboard octabins?

Let’s take a look at a company who have benefited from using Reuseabox octabins;

Reuseabox was contacted by a company who export metal filings. These metal filings were being exported to Germany in a metal stillage, which is similar to a pallet box but metal. They contacted Reuseabox to see if a cardboard pallet box would be a more cost effective alternative.

The Solution:

As the company was exporting abroad, we advised them that a pallet box might not be durable enough. Whilst some of our pallet boxes can hold up to 1000kgs, we would recommend an octabin for exporting. Our once used octabins are incredibly heavy duty. Teamed with a crash lock base and extra heavy lid, these octabins are perfect for shipping to all destinations and can be double stacked. Their octagon shape provides extra durability and reinforces the box against any knocks/ bumps during transit. Octabins are also great for plastic granules, chemicals, adhesives, liquids or waste and recycling industries.

74% Cost Saving!

The customer was amazed to discover that not only did the octabin suit his product perfectly, it cost a fraction of the price, saving him a considerable amount of money. The customer in Germany was charging him to dispose of the metal stillages. On top of this the metal stillages were costing the customer £35.00 a unit, whereas a Reuseabox octabin costs just £8.99 a unit and holds around the same amount of product. This is an incredible cost saving of 74%

These products are another move in the right direction for Direct Cardboard who are continuously expanding their range of eco-friendly, low cost packaging solutions.


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