How to find a more reliable, sustainable packaging solution

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

How to find a more reliable, sustainable packaging solution

We enjoy helping our customers solve their packaging dilemmas. Usually, their current type of packaging isn’t working for them and they want to find an alternative. Sometimes our customers want to make the switch to used cardboard boxes to be more sustainable. Check out how we helped this company find an alternative to their bulk plastic bags.


The Problem

A company was using plastic bulk bags to transport farm produce. The bags were handled a number of times. The company frequently had a problem where the bags would get damaged and produce would be lost. This was a particular problem with the handles of the bags which took a large proportion of the weight. Although the bags were reused, once damaged they were thrown away and went straight to landfill.

The company contacted Reuseabox for an alternative.


The Solution

Reuseabox analysed the company’s current process of packing in plastic bulk bags. They recommended switching to once used octabins. The cardboard octabins were recommended for their strength and durability. Their hexagonal shape prevents them from buckling under extreme pressure and is ideal for holding large quantities of small products as the products can fill out the sides of the box. The octabin recommended had a crash lock base, outer sleeve and a separate lid.

The octabins would be suitable for reusing a number of times and when they did eventually need to be replaced, being cardboard, they could be recycled, unlike the plastic bulk bags. This makes them the more environmentally sustainable packaging solution.

The company were also surprised to find that the boxes did not cost them any more than plastic bags. Used cardboard octabins are up to 50% cheaper than new ones. The fact that they could be reused multiple times also saved the company money.


Overall the once used cardboard octabins resulted in,

–          A strong and reliable packaging solution.

–          A reduced packaging spend, due to the low cost octabins and reduced damaged products.

–          More reusable and fully recyclable packaging, overall much better for the environment.


The Outcome

The company were pleased with the strength of the cardboard octabins. Product damages were significantly decreased and the company were pleased that they were using a packaging option that was better for the environment. Even better, the company was able to start using the octabins straight away as all of our used cardboard boxes are held in stock.


If you’d like to find out more about our cardboard octabins or any of our other new and used cardboard boxes, check out our website.


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