How to package goods safely in boxes

8 November 2023By ellie Reuseabox

How to package goods safely in boxes

In today’s e-commerce world, knowing how to package goods safely in boxes is extremely important for online reputation and success.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s crucial to ensure your items arrive safely when shipping or sending gifts. How you pack your things is important because it keeps them safe and helps the environment. Good packing also decreases the chances of damaged goods and eliminates the need for returning them.

So, let’s delve into ways you can safely package goods in boxes:

Choosing the right size 

Selecting the appropriate box is the fundamental step in safeguarding your items – do you pick single wall, double wall or even triple wall cardboard boxes? First you need to consider the size, weight, and fragility of the items.

There are numerous types of packaging options available, but we always recommend selecting a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box that is of an appropriate size for the contents. It should provide enough space for adequate cushioning materials without allowing excessive movement. That is because using a larger box for small items can be more costly and worse for the environment.

Choosing the right size cardboard box

Wrap it up 

Wrapping individual items in protective material is essential. Bubble wrap, foam sheets, tissue paper, packing peanuts or void fill can act as a barrier against shocks and impacts. Ensure fragile items are well-wrapped, leaving no empty spaces that could result in movement during transit.

Utilise layers

Layering is crucial for protecting items. Begin by placing a substantial amount of padding at the base of the container.. Then, place the wrapped items in the centre of the box, making sure they fit snugly and do not touch the sides of the boxes.

Keep it secure

Proper sealing is as crucial as packing. Use high-quality packing and strong tape to secure the box and we recommend taping along the flaps and seams to reinforce the box’s closure. This minimises the risk of the box opening during transit.

Don’t forget the labels

Clearly label the box with handling instructions, especially if the contents are fragile or have specific handling requirements. This helps couriers to take extra care when moving the package.

Don’t forget the labels on boxes

Make it eco-friendly

Consider using sustainable, reused and recyclable packaging materials. Not only does this reduce environmental impact, but it also showcases your commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Mastering the art of packaging goods safely in boxes is a blend of precision, appropriate materials, and care.

Whether it’s for personal or business use, properly packaging items guarantees they will arrive undamaged at their destination. By implementing these techniques, you can safeguard your items and contribute to a more sustainable shipping process. A nicely wrapped package not only makes the recipient happy but also shows your dedication to offering great service.


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