How to Pack Glassware Sustainably

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

How to Pack Glassware Sustainably

On average 1 in 10 of us have received damaged items when ordering online. With growing concerns over poor customer service and lost revenue in returns, it’s no wonder companies are putting more thought into their packaging’s protective properties. But customers are also beginning to favour companies that package their products responsibly and this means finding the most sustainable option. So how do companies find the balance between packaging that adequately protects a product without causing unnecessary damage to the environment?


Check out our handy tips on how to ‘Pack For Protection’ whilst utilising sustainable packaging


Pack for Protection Checklist:


1.       Select your cardboard box

We recommend using cardboard boxes for packing fragile items. Cardboard is strong, durable and a great source of sustainable packaging. You might assume you need to pay a lot of money for bespoke, made to measure boxes from a manufacturer if you want to find the best box for your products. But this isn’t actually the case. It’s a good idea to shop around.

Reuseabox supply a range of new and used boxes. Being a supplier of once used or surplus boxes, they often get end of line boxes that were specifically designed for more fragile items. These will be made of a strong, heavy duty board grade but will be a fraction of the price when compared to going to a manufacturer.


2.       Choose the right size box for your product

This is important. If fragile items can move around too much they are very likely to get damaged. You want your product to fit snugly within the packaging with just a small amount of room for some protective void fill.


3.       Choose a box with the right board grade and fluting

Fragile items need to be packaged in cardboard boxes. However cardboard is a versatile material and comes in a range of strengths. For fragile items we recommend a board grade of 200 KK with a double wall B/C fluting. This will ensure the box will hold its shape during transit and is unlikely to be damaged, which could lead to damaged products. This is particularly important for products that are shipped via a carrier as these are handled more and tend to be more at risk of damages.


4.       Select protective, eco-friendly void fill

Void fill is essential for protecting your fragile products. We recommend steering clear of traditional bubble wrap in favour of more eco-friendly methods which your customers are sure to appreciate.

For really fragile items we suggest the following process, you may feel you don’t need all of this protection depending on the product and mode of shipping:

–          Wrap products individually in paper or eco-friendly bubble-wrap alternative. Hexcel Wrap is a great sustainable alternative.

–          Put product(s) into boxes.

–          If packing multiple items in a box or if the box is a bit roomy, we suggest adding some eco-friendly void fill such as shredded cardboard. This is really easy to make, cheap and very effective. Cardboard has great cushioning properties and will act as a good shock absorber.

–          Secure your boxes with tape.


Moving House?

Packing glassware or other fragile items for a house move is easier as it is less likely that the goods will be damaged during transit, especially if you hire a professional firm to help you move house.

However it is still important to find a strong, good quality box to pack your items in and use appropriate void fill to act as cushioning. Newspaper is ideal for wrapping products if you want to save some money.

Once again, you could buy expensive brand new boxes from a manufacturer to move your possessions. You could also try and source them from friends and family, or try and re-use the old packaging from your latest e-commerce purchases.

A pack of once used moving boxes from Reuseabox is the cheapest, effective and most sustainable packaging option. Our moving packs contain boxes that are specially selected as suitable for using as strong, removal boxes. Check out our range of Moving Packs here.


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