How your company could benefit from Circular Design Packaging

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

How your company could benefit from Circular Design Packaging

Purchasing packaging is a tedious and expensive process. When you have worked out the strength and size of the boxes required, you need to place your order with a manufacturer. This needs to be done in advance to account for any lead times. You should ideally allow two weeks but this can be longer during busy periods. Is it better to order in bulk to avoid the dreaded running out of boxes scenario? But what if you don’t have enough storage space? Add in concerns over quality and design and you soon find you have quite a headache on your hands.

Luckily, there is an alternative.


What is Circular Design Packaging?

Reuseabox operates a Reuse Model, a packaging system based on circular design. They source large volumes of second hand cardboard boxes from industry. Originally these boxes may have been used to transport ingredients to a pizza factory, or engine parts to a car manufacturer. Whatever their original purpose, once the boxes have been unpacked, they are left redundant, in a near new condition, often in large quantities.

Reuseabox collect these once used cardboard boxes. They are then checked, sorted and re-packed on pallets to be made available for re-sale as low cost sustainable packing cartons. Any damaged boxes are sent for recycling locally.


Who can benefit from Cardboard Box Reuse?

Almost any company can benefit from cardboard box reuse. From small business owners, to medium companies, even large scale multi-nationals. As we move towards a more circular economy, reuse will become a fundamental part of our packaging’s lifecycle. We need to adopt a more closed loop approach to prevent waste packaging from ending up in landfill or our oceans. Reusing cardboard boxes is an easy way to keep cardboard in use for longer, which will have numerous knock on positive effects. As the recycling process is delayed, demand for new boxes decreases, allowing our natural resources to regenerate.

There are companies who are already showing their commitment towards circular design packaging. Unilever has introduced refillable and reusable packaging to reduce plastic usage. They have also teamed up with Loop, an arm of TerraCycle to deliver more luxury products in packaging that is later collected, cleaned and reused. The emphasis here is not on recycling, but on reuse, to keep products in use for longer and keep packaging out of the waste stream.


Benefits to Cardboard Box Reuse

–       Low cost cardboard boxes or other packing supplies such as layer pads or dividers.

–       An easy to implement sustainable packaging alternative.

–       No lead times, cardboard boxes are held in stock ready for immediate dispatch.

–       Suitable for multi-nationals. Many lines of cardboard boxes are sourced in bulk, ideal for larger companies who require a large regular supply.

–       Be a part of something different. The Reuse Revolution is beginning.



When is Circular Packaging not suitable?

As we move towards a more circular economy, all businesses need to be looking at ways to reduce their packaging, design out waste and keep products in use for longer. An easy way to start is by choosing to pack your products in surplus or once used cardboard boxes. Whilst some boxes are used, many are brand new batches of end of line stock or misprints. This means the vast majority of industries should be able to start benefitting from cardboard box reuse.

There may be difficulties in the food and beverages industry, due to enhanced regulations surrounding hygiene. In these instances, used cardboard boxes cannot be used but it is often possible for brand new surplus boxes to be sourced that would meet these requirements.

If you require particularly bespoke cardboard boxes to pack more unusual items such as blinds or golf clubs you may have a problem finding the correct size. In these instances you may be better going to a manufacturer who can produce a made to measure box. We can recommend a number of reliable and professional manufacturers. Contact us for further details.


As you can see moving towards reusable packaging is not just preferable, it is vital if we are to meet Government targets and move towards a more circular economy. It’s also important to remember that consumers want their products packed in more sustainable packaging. It is up to businesses to take the lead with circular packaging and start choosing options where waste is designed out and packaging is kept in use longer before it is reused, recycled or composted. Any packaging that is likely to end up in the environment should be biodegradable wherever possible.

If you’re ready to make the move to Circular Design Packaging, take a look at our website where you can find our entire range of sustainable packing boxes, removals boxes, pallet boxes or octabins.


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