Yeo Valley

Meet the sustainable dairy farmers

We’re Yeo Valley, an organic family farm down in Somerset. We make natural yogurt, milk, butter, and lots more besides. We’ve been around for generations, and everything we do ensures we’ll still be here for generations to come.

As farmers we know first-hand the impact climate change is having on our planet. The environmental and social challenges that are facing the world have never been greater. The food we eat, and how that food is produced, sourced, packaged and disposed of has major consequences. Sustainability is central to everything we do here at Yeo Valley. As farmers, we see first-hand the incredible things nature can produce, and how humans can damage it. We always remind ourselves to put nature first, by playing our part in protecting and preserving the world for future generations and not controlling nature with chemicals, but working with it to create incredible food.

Yeo Valley
  • We’re committing to reducing our carbon emissions with the Carbon Trust.
  • We’re reducing our food waste by moving to best before labelling rather than use by. We also support partnerships such as FareShare and Too Good to Go to divert unwanted products going to waste.
  • We’re reducing our use of plastic and increasing the recycled content of our packaging.
  • We’re continually investing in green energy sources such as solar power, with over 10,000 panels across our sites in the West Country.  
  • We’re supporting our supplying organic farmers to better understand the soil carbon stocks in their soil and to potentially increase them with regenerative organic farming practices.

With this strong sense of purpose and commitment to People and Planet, the impact of that we can have by joining the Reuseabox revolution made sense, and complements to all of the hard work and commitment with the co-owners working in Yeo Valley.

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yeo valley's achievements so far!

 Since being a member at Reuseabox, Yeo Valley have saved:


Trees saved


Tonnes of carbon saved


KWH of energy saved


Litres of water saved

Joined August 2022

Last updated: September 2023

Reuse yeo valley's boxes

Give these boxes a second use, and help to save trees, carbon, water and energy!

590 X 460 X 370mm

Condition: Used Strength: Single Wall Print Type: Printed

590 X 400 X 290mm

Condition: Used Strength: Double Wall Print Type: Printed

395 X 295 X 145mm

Condition: Used Strength: Single Wall Print Type: Plain

530 X 390 X 490mm

Condition: Used Strength: Single Wall Print Type: Printed

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