Why Buy Used Cardboard Boxes?

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Why Buy Used Cardboard Boxes?

The UK’s growing reuse market means that used cardboard boxes are becoming more and more popular throughout a range of industries. But will a used cardboard box be up to the job of its brand new counterpart? Will it adequately protect your products whilst maintaining the image of your brand?

When looking for a cardboard box supplier, many companies are concerned over the quality of used cardboard boxes. Understandably they don’t want their products packed in dirty or damaged ‘second hand’ quality boxes.

So what does a used cardboard box look like? It might have a little tape on the flaps or the odd label. It may even be printed. But apart from that, it can be very difficult to tell that these boxes have been used. As a specialist used cardboard box supplier, all of our boxes go through a strict inspection process. Any boxes that do not meet our high standards are recycled locally. This means we only sell the best quality used boxes to our customers. So how are our used cardboard boxes in such good condition? This has a lot to do with the quality of the board grade and fluting. A good quality cardboard box with a 200 KK C flute single wall or B flute double wall will be tough enough to withstand a number of uses before it is eventually ready to be recycled.

We are also very selective over where we source our used cardboard boxes from. They may have been used to transport food items or raw materials to a factory or they could have been used to import brand new engine parts to a car manufacturer. In all cases the boxes have been used to transport new goods on a pallet, which will usually be strapped to the pallet and secured with stretch wrap. This means the boxes themselves have been extremely well protected. If you take a look at some of the photos on our website you’ll see the quality is often like new! Our boxes have never been used for individual shipments so they are unlikely to have any scuff marks or indentations on them. Those that do will be swiftly removed during our inspection process!

Choosing to pack in used cardboard boxes brings a number of benefits to businesses. They are substantially lower in cost than new boxes; some of our customers report cost savings of up to 60%. They are also far more environmentally friendly than recycled boxes. The recycling process uses large amounts of chemicals, energy as well as a proportion of new tree pulp in most cases. The reuse process requires none of this. Whilst recycling is good for the environment, reuse is better!

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