What to do if you run out of cardboard boxes earlier than expected…

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

What to do if you run out of cardboard boxes earlier than expected…

The run up to Christmas is often the busiest time for many businesses. With production in full swing, companies are hoping to capitalise on ‘Black Friday’ and the last minute spending before Christmas. So how do you plan your packaging budget around this busy period? Do you purchase an approximate quantity of cardboard boxes in the hope that this will see you through? Or do you order on a ‘Just in Time’ basis and hope that your supplier is able to keep up with demand?

Unfortunately both of these options rely on you accurately estimating when you will need more boxes. Your packaging manufacturer must also be able to respond quickly. Most manufacturers require around 7-12 working days to make and deliver a bespoke box order. In busier periods this may be even longer. So what happens if you run out earlier than expected?


Try Going Direct!

Check out our Top 5 benefits to choosing a packaging supplier who specialises in used cardboard boxes;


1.       All Cardboard Boxes Held in Stock

We hold large supplies of all our cardboard boxes in stock ready for immediate dispatch. No lead times. No hassle. Order by 2pm for next day delivery. We stock most sizes from small postal boxes, to larger packing boxes, up to cardboard pallet boxes and octabins.

2.       Order by 2pm for Next Day Delivery

When you place your order before 2pm, we can deliver your order the next working day. You can even book a timed or AM delivery slot if preferred.

3.       Used Cardboard Boxes are often Better Value for Money

When we say ‘used’ we don’t mean second hand quality. Many of our used cardboard boxes are in a like new condition. They may be printed or contain the odd label or a bit of tape, but they are all clean, dry and perfectly reusable. They are also much cheaper than buying from a manufacturer. Some of our customers report cost savings of up to 50% when they buy from us.

4.       Choose to Pack in Truly Sustainable Packaging

Our cardboard packing boxes allow you to pack you products in truly sustainable packaging. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the packaging their products are packed in. A recent consumer review has revealed that an incredible 77% of consumers are now willing to pay more for products that are more environmentally friendly. But when you choose to pack your products in new surplus or once used cartons, you can actually save money on your packaging costs, whilst supporting a more circular economy. Prioritising reuse over recycling is essential if we are to move towards a more circular economy, enabling us to keep products in use for longer, whilst allowing our natural resources to regenerate.


Choosing a used cardboard box supplier will ensure you have a regular, reliable packaging supplier that won’t cost you the earth. Your packaging will showcase your commitment to sustainability which is sure to give you the edge against your competitors.

For further information on how you can join the Reuse Revolution and choose to pack your products in low cost, truly sustainable cardboard boxes, why not drop us an email at or check out our website.


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