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Sustainability is at the core of every decision we make and every product we launch. That’s why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure the impact of our products to the planet is at an absolute minimum. Over 70% of our products are made using FSC Certified paper, or in other words our paper is sourced from areas of the world where the forests are being responsibly managed and provide environmental, social and economic benefits. FSC certifies forests to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards and is endorsed by the major environmental charities including WWF and The Woodland Trust.

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This is how we have adapted our products and process to stay as green as possible –

  • Over 70% of our products are made using FSC Certified paper and board
  • All shrink wrap that our products are supplied in is 100% recyclable, simply recycle alongside other household objects!
  • The shrink wrap used for our Recycled Range is made from fully recycled PE plastic.
  • All our Pukka Post & Packaging gold bubble lined envelopes contain between 50-70% recycled plastic content.
  • All bubble wrap manufactured in the UK is produced from bubble roll with 40% recycled content.
  • All tape used to seal cartons for product coming into our sites is a Bio-degradable BOPP tape.
  • All wire used in our notebooks is fully recyclable.

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Oddbox's achievements so far!

 Since being a member at Reuseabox, Oddbox have saved:


Trees saved


Tonnes of carbon saved


KWH of energy saved


Litres of water saved

Pukka Pad are helping to save...

For every one tonne of Pukka Pad’s boxes that are sent to reuse, they will be saving…




tonnes of carbon


KWH of energy


litres of water

The reuseabox community

Our Reuse Community consists of like-minded, purpose driven businesses and organisations with one shared goal; to reduce their impact on the environment through cardboard box reuse.

Joined December 2022

Last updated: December 2022

Reuse Oddbox's boxes

Give these boxes a second use, and help to save trees, carbon, water and energy!

590 X 460 X 370mm

Condition: Used Strength: Single Wall Print Type: Printed

590 X 400 X 290mm

Condition: Used Strength: Double Wall Print Type: Printed

395 X 295 X 145mm

Condition: Used Strength: Single Wall Print Type: Plain

530 X 390 X 490mm

Condition: Used Strength: Single Wall Print Type: Printed

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