Used Printed Double Wall Cap and Sleeve Pallet Boxes

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Available on a small regular supply these once used, cap and sleeve pallet boxes offer incredible value for money.

Comprising of a base, two piece sleeve and lid, these pallet boxes are ideal for loading heavier items onto a pallet that require an outer layer of protection. These boxes were originally used to transport tins of paint and are designed to be shipped on a standard wooden pallet.

Cap and sleeve pallet boxes are also great for ease of packing and unpacking. Stock can be loaded onto the pallet before the sleeve and lid is placed over the products.

Please note: These boxes are not suitable for double stacking, non static / spreadable loads or very heavy loads. If you need heavy duty pallet boxes we recommend choosing a different style such as AZ330 or AZ1081. Check out our Full Range Here.

  • Condition: Used
  • Strength: Double Wall
  • Print Type: Printed

Q. How do I assemble a cap and sleeve pallet box?

A. Cap and sleeve pallet boxes are designed to be put together as you are packing your products. First construct the base by folding the edges together and place on a standard pallet. Next load your products onto the base and slot the sleeves around. Finally construct the lid and place on top. Secure to the pallet with pallet strapping.

  • Tins of paint.
  • Textiles, quilts, duvets, cushions, bedding etc.