Used Extra Heavy Duty Triple Wall Octabins – 1080mm Height

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    Save Money with our used triple wall octabins

    High quality, low price

    • These used extra heavy duty triple wall octabins are high quality but low cost. With a recommended capacity of 1,000kg, they are suitable for transporting even the heaviest of products.
    • Board grade of 300KK AAA.
    • 0200 design with a fold-in base and small air holes on the sides.
    • Supplied open top - if you require lids, Contact Us to add them to your order.

    Easy to pack and transport

    • These octabins have 4 stabilising feet on each corner. This allows them to be safely double stacked.
    • Designed to be double stacked in a trailer for easy distribution.

    Used But Reusable Condition

    • These octabins were originally used to transport fresh produce. They may contain some soil or dust. As such we would not recommend for use within the food industry.
    • If you require brand new heavy duty shipping boxes, check out our range of Pallet Boxes.

    Key Features

    • Condition: Used
    • Strength: Triple Wall
    • Print Type: Printed

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. How much weight can an octabin carry?

    A. Octabins are the strongest cardboard boxes you can buy. These octabins can carry up to 1000KG or 1 tonne in weight. Their octagonal shape provides extra stability and prevents the box buckling under extreme pressures. This also makes them a great shape for irregular products such as liquid bags, farm produce or e-waste.

    We recommend using these used triple wall octabins for

    • Logistics & Fulfilment.
    • E-commerce / parcel logistics.
    • Waste / recycling bins.
    • Exporting of large heavy items.
    • Suitable for export, storage & distribution of fresh produce, i.e potatoes, pumpkins, watermelons.