Standard 0200 Pallet Boxes

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Option 1

Buy 2+ full pallets at just £10.45 each!

Option 2

Buy 4+ full pallets at just £9.61 each!

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Buy 7+ full pallets at just £9.19 each!

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    Our Pallet Boxes offer a perfect blend of durability, practicality, and eco-friendliness.

    High quality 0200 Pallet Boxes

    • Crafted from 200 KTBC glued board, these pallet boxes are more than just containers – they ensure your products reach their destination unscathed. Designed to effortlessly fit onto a standard 1200 x 1000mm pallet, they redefine convenience in palletised shipping.

    Medium strength meets maximum usability

    • With a robust capacity of 300-400kg, our 0200 Pallet Boxes allow you to transport a diverse range of products securely. The 0200 design, featuring four flaps at the bottom and an open top, simplifies the packing process while maintaining structural integrity.
    • And that's not all – we've got you covered with a complimentary single wall lid. Want an extra layer of protection? Upgrade to a double wall lid for just £1 more per lid.

    Excellent value for money

    • Place your order early and enjoy exclusive bulk discounts that make these pallet boxes an economical choice for businesses of all sizes.

    Plant-friendly pallets

    • In a world where sustainability matters, our pallet boxes stand out as planet-friendly packaging solution as they can be reused over and over again. Made with the environment in mind, they align with your commitment to greener practices.
    • We also donate at 1% of our revenue to environmental causes through 1% for the Planet. That’s means every time you order from Reuseabox, you’re actively funding reforestation projects.

    Key Features

    • Condition: New
    • Strength: Double Wall
    • Print Type: Plain

    Unit Price

    Full Pallet - 140 boxes - £10.86/box


    Option 1

    Buy 2+ full pallets at just £10.45 each!

    Option 2

    Buy 4+ full pallets at just £9.61 each!

    Option 3

    Buy 7+ full pallets at just £9.19 each!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Are these pallet boxes supplied with pallets?

    A. All of our pallet boxes are delivered flat pack on a wooden pallet. The wooden pallet is included with your order. If you need additional Wooden Pallets for shipping your orders, these can be supplied for a small additional cost.

    Other customers use these standard 0200 pallet boxes for

    • Palletised products
    • Textiles
    • Industrial products
    • E-waste