New Plain Double Wall Cardboard Sheets – Pallet Size

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These new plain double wall cardboard sheets make perfect pallet size layer pads. Designed to fit on a standard pallet, they are ideal for separating products on a pallet.

Strong enough to be reused, these cardboard sheets are strong and durable. If you need low cost layer pads, try our Once Used Cardboard Sheets.
  • Condition: New
  • Strength: Double Wall
  • Print Type: Plain

Q. What's the difference between single wall and double wall cardboard sheets?

A. Single wall sheets have one layer of fluting. This is the wavy layer of cardboard sandwiched between two layers of linerboard. Double wall sheets have two layers of fluting, providing greater strength and durability.

  • Layering between bottles, cans or other small products on a pallet.
  • Pallet slip sheets.
  • Using as a protective layer between products and packaging.
  • Low cost void fill.