Used printed single wall packing boxes for sale


Try our used cardboard boxes to save money and reduce your environmental impact. Not only are they great for protecting your products but they are more cost-effective than new boxes and can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Our range of used boxes

Most of our used stock is double wall or strong single wall in strength. Browse our range of used boxes or refine your search by typing your size requirements into the search bar at the top of the page.

What choose to Reuseabox

Our used cardboard boxes are sorted carefully by our warehouse team and any boxes that are not suitable for reuse are recycled locally. Some of our used boxes contain a few labels or tape from their previous use. Others have been printed.

But no matter how they look, every box you receive will be clean, dry, and perfectly reusable.

Why should you reuse?

Because used cardboard boxes are much better for the planet. Each time a box is reused, demand for new boxes is reduced and our natural resources are preserved. We also plant trees to help combat deforestation. Every time you place an order for used cardboard boxes, trees are planted.

Our unique Carbon Footprint Tool allows us to work out how much carbon, water and energy our customers have saved by choosing to reuse.  To find out more about the Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool, check out Reuseabox Sustainability.

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