Eco Packaging Materials


Save money and the planet with our innovative line of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Sending your products far and wide across the globe? Need to ensure they arrive safely? But also want to reduce your impact on the environment?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

With a growing range of eco packaging materials to explore, we’ve made it easier to protect your goods in transit AND do so with sustainability in mind.

Paper Tape

Swap out traditional plastic tape for our 100% recyclable paper alternative. Not only does it minimise your environmental impact, but it’s also cost-effective. Plus, with just one layer needed, it’s a win-win for your budget and the Earth.

Looking for branded paper tape? Get in touch today and we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote.

Hive Wrap

Say goodbye to traditional (and not so eco-friendly) plastic bubble wrap and say hello with our eco Hive Wrap. This material has been specifically designed to provide superior protection for your packages without harming the planet. Thanks to its hexagonal shaped design, it offers the perfect balance of strength and sustainability.

Eco Mailing Bags

For an environmental alternative to traditional bubble-padded bags, check out our range of eco mailing bags. Crafted from 100% recycled materials, the cushioning honeycomb layer offers great protection to goods during transit.

They are great fit for shipping various items and with four popular sizes to choose from, these bags are ideal for e-commerce organisations who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint as they are 100% recyclable.

Reuse Stickers

Drawing inspiration from a successful project with one of our customers, we’re thrilled to unveil our very own line of reuse stickers. Once added to your used cardboard boxes, they will show your customers your dedication to reducing waste and making the difference to the planet.

If you’re interested in getting reuse stickers with your own design, get in touch today and we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote.

Our selection of eco packaging solutions is ever-expanding. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Chat with our sales team today and we’ll be able to find the right solution for you.

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