Pallet boxes are manufactured in a number of materials and sizes each one with their own advantages.

Types of pallets

Stringer pallets are two- way pallets that have three longer pieces of wood or ‘stringers’ that add support to the sides and middle of the box. Block pallets are four-way pallets that have blocks of wood that support parallel pieces of wood on the sides and in the middle. They are generally preferred for heavier shipments

Metal pallets

In order to transport heavy goods or to store commodities for a longer term, pallet boxes made of metal or aluminum are used. Large companies and industries favor metal pallets because of their durability, strength and good sanitation. They are weather resistant, not prone to decay or rot, do not splinter, are recyclable and ideal for shipping and storage of food materials. Metal pallets also cost more to transport and definitely weigh more.

Plywood Pallets

Plywood pallets are lightweight but strong. These pallet boxes absorb very little moisture and have a smooth surface. They are a popular low-cost shipping and transporting option. Plywood pallets are usually used in layer stacking and weigh very little. The wood is prone to water damage and they are difficult to store in warehouses.

Wooden Pallets

These pallets are manufactured in various designs and are strong and durable and can store heavier products. They are reliable, can be stored in racks and very easy to repair or replace. Its material can be recycled to make mulch or paper and it is very quick to assemble. Unlike plywood pallets, their air freight charges cost more and becoming a breeding area for fungus and bacteria if they are damp. Protruding nails and splinters can cause a lot of damage and injury.

Presswood Pallets

Dried wood fibers can be molded under high temperatures to form Presswood fibers. These pallet boxes are strong, extremely lightweight and recyclable. Although they are easy to handle they cannot be stored easily and very prone to water damage.

Plastic Pallets

Industries favor plastic pallets because they are safe and reusable, not requiring any special maintenance. Even though they weigh very less they have a high loading capacity, an anti-slip surface, are resistant to humidity and are not prone to corrosion. Plastic pallet boxes can be used in any weather condition, are safe to handle and can be cleaned easily.

The requirements and needs of your product, storage and shipping will determine the type of pallet box you choose.