Pallet Boxes For Shipping: The Ultimate Guide

29 March 2022

Pallet Boxes For Shipping: The Ultimate Guide

Cardboard pallet boxes are used across multiple industries to ship products from A to B. As some of the largest cardboard boxes on the market, they are designed to be shipped on wooden pallets and can withstand high capacities. Check out our ultimate guide to the different types of pallet boxes.


Pallet Boxes For Shipping

0201 Pallet Boxes

Used 0201 Pallet Boxes

Used 0201 Pallet Boxes

These boxes have 4 flaps top and bottom, like a conventional cardboard box. They are reasonably strong and can be used to transport a variety of products up to around 400kg. These boxes are not suitable for double stacking because of their design and lower capacity. Use these boxes for shipping bulky textiles and wholesale quantities of clothing or apparel.




0200 Pallet Boxes

Used Double Wall Pallet Boxes

Once Used Heavy Duty Pallet Boxes

One of our best sellers, these boxes have 4 flaps on the bottom and are open topped. They can be provided with a lid if required. These boxes are suitable for double stacking if packed correctly and a heavy duty lid is used. They often have a side loading flap which enables the side of the box to partially open to unload or load very heavy items. Sometimes these pallet boxes are stapled to a wooden pallet, otherwise they can be secured to the pallet with Pallet Strapping. These boxes can hold up to 500kg in capacity, making them ideal for shipping large bulky items such as machine / engine parts.



Cap and Sleeve Pallet Boxes

Cap and Sleeve Pallet Boxes

Used Double Wall Cap and Sleeve Pallet Boxes

If you are a wholesaler looking for pallet boxes for shipping products in bulk to your customers, these boxes are perfect. The products can be stacked on the base of the box before the sleeve is slotted around the products. The lid is then placed on top and the box is tightly secured with pallet strapping. These boxes can hold 200-400kg in capacity but are not suitable for very bulky, heavy products.




Pallet Box Octabin

Used Octabin Pallet Boxes

Used Cap and Sleeve Pallet Boxes

Octabins are eight sided pallet boxes, renowned for their strength and durability. Their octagonal shape makes them less likely to buckle under extreme pressures compared to standard pallet boxes. These boxes are perfect for very high capacity, bulky products such as plastic sprue, scrap metal, e-waste or liquid bags. They’re also frequently used for plastic mouldings. Some of our used octabins have previously been used for plastic mouldings and contain probe holes for this purpose. For this reason, if buying for plastic mouldings, use a liner to cover the existing probe holes. Octabins often have a crash lock base and may have an additional outer sleeve for added strength. They can be supplied in the 0201 design or as a cap and sleeve. If you’re looking for octabins for your products, have a Chat With The Team to find the best fit for your product.


Select The Right Fluting and Board Grade

Corrugated cardboard is constructed from a middle layer of wavy paper, known as fluting, sandwiched between 2 layers of outer paper. Multiple layers of fluting can be added for extra strength, creating ‘double wall’ or ‘triple wall’ fluting.

double wall fluting


Most pallet boxes and octabins are supplied in a heavy duty, double wall board grade. If you are looking for extra strength, opt for a triple wall fluting. You can also increase the strength by adding inner or outer sleeves. The thickness of fluting also effects the strength of the box. BC fluting is used to describe double wall fluting that combines B and C fluting. This creates a thicker fluting and greater protection for the products. Find out more about Fluting Types & Board Grades.


cardboard fluting

Ensure the boxes are packed correctly and properly secured to a pallet to prevent any movement or damages occurring during shipping.



It’s important to select the right pallet boxes for shipping your products. To do this you must consider the products you are shipping and the method of packing and unpacking. You can then select a type and strength suitable for your needs.

For more information, check out our full range of Pallet Boxes and Octabins or Contact Us.


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