Pallet Boxes! Cap & Sleeve vs 0201 vs 0200. Which is Best?

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Pallet Boxes! Cap & Sleeve vs 0201 vs 0200. Which is Best?

Cardboard pallet boxes are large shipping boxes, designed to be shipped on either a standard or euro pallet. Due to their size, they are designed to hold large, high capacity products and are made to last. Most types are produced in a strong double or triple wall board grade and stapled for extra durability. But you might be surprised to know that not all pallet boxes are made equal. In fact, they’re all designed differently depending on the product you intend to ship. It’s important to select the right pallet box for your needs to prevent damages occurring and at worst, costly returns.

Let’s take a look at the different types of pallet boxes.


Cap & Sleeve Pallet Boxes

These shipping boxes are designed for ease of packing smaller or lighter products. The box is designed in three parts, a base, sleeve and lid. Small products should be stacked onto the base. The sleeve is then fitted around the products and the base. Finally the lid is placed on top and secured with pallet strapping. The box can be unpacked by removing the lid and the outer sleeve to access the products.

Recommended for: Small products such as individually boxed items that are being shipped in bulk.


0201 Pallet Boxes

0201 boxes have 4 flaps on the bottom and 4 flaps on the top. These pallet boxes are essentially just a very large version of a conventional box. They are great for packing low to medium weight, bulky products that can be lifted in and out of the box without too much difficulty.

Recommended for: Textiles, some industrial products.

Not Suitable for: Double stacking, unless the board grade is very high and they are packed with a light weight product such as wedding dresses.


0200 Pallet Boxes

This is a popular design, suitable for a range of products. The box has 4 flaps on the bottom and is open topped. If necessary, a lid can be added. These boxes are usually strong enough for double stacking if a heavy duty lid is used and they are packed correctly. A loading flap can often be found on the side or front of the box. This is a perforated piece of board that allows the user to open up the side of the box to safely load or unload heavy items.

Recommended for: Machine parts, auto parts, industrial products, picking bins.


Pallet Box Octabins

These boxes are designed with an octagonal shape, giving them greater strength. They are ideal for very high capacity products. They are also great for plastic mouldings as the small product can fill all the edges of the box, improving the shipping efficiency. Octabins can vary slightly in design but most have a crash lock base and a lid. Inner or outer sleeves can be used to increase their strength.


New or Once Used?

We advise all of our customers to buy once used pallet boxes. Due to their strength and durability, pallet boxes are capable of being used a number of times before they are ready to be recycled. It doesn’t make economic or environmental sense to buy new if you have the option to reuse. Our once used pallet boxes are,

–          Low cost

–          Clean, dry and perfectly fit for purpose

–          Better for the environment

The only customers who may not be able to take once used packaging are those that are packing food items and require brand new, food grade boxes. However, they may be able to take a used box if a plastic liner is included.


Improving the strength & durability

Often, a pallet box that may not be suitable in design can be used if a few alterations are made. For example, to make a pallet box stronger, an inner sleeve can be added, offering greater protection. We have a range of boxes that are supplied individually stapled to wooden pallets. This negates the need to buy pallets and also increases their durability during shipping.


To find out more about our new and used cardboard pallet boxes, check out our website. For shipping advice, why not speak to a member of the team by calling 0800 2465731.


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