The Eco-Friendly Tents made of 100% Recyclable Cardboard

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

The Eco-Friendly Tents made of 100% Recyclable Cardboard

Going to Glastonbury this year? Or maybe you’re planning your own outdoor event. Check out the latest in eco-friendly accommodation… CARDBOARD TENTS!

Dutch students Jan Poutheine and Wout Kommer designed the tents whilst at University and they have since set up ‘KarTent’, a company dedicated to providing eco-friendly accommodation at large scale outdoor events.

KarTents have already been used at a number of music festivals in  the Netherlands. The friends are hoping to launch the tents in the UK at this year’s Galstonbury. They will already be assembled when festival goers arrive and will be taken away for recycling at the end of the festival, creating eco-friendly hassle free camping for all!

As well as being 100% recyclable, tests have shown that the tents can withstand constant rainwater for 3 days and are fixed to the ground with normal tent pegs without the need for ropes. Another benefit is that cardboard doesn’t let light the light in during the mornings so you can sleep easier for longer! KarTents can also be printed by sponsors to help pay for the cost. Alternatively oganisers can provide pens or spray cans for people to decorate their own!

Check out the KarTent site:

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