How To Reduce Your Packing Costs

17 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

How To Reduce Your Packing Costs

With packaging costs predicted to rise over the next few years, companies need to think carefully about the most appropriate and cost effective packaging for their products.

Check out our top 5 tips on how to reduce your packing costs:

1. Consider how your products are packed:

Products packed securely are less likely to become damaged during transit. This means a lighter board grade carton could be used as less protection will be needed. Boxes with securely packed products can often be double stacked, saving both warehouse and transport space.

2. Consider the product you are packing and the required board grade:

Prices can vary extensively between single wall and double wall strengths. If you are packing a light weight product it could be more cost effective to pack in a cheaper, single wall strength box. If the product needs extra protection you could include some additional void fill such as bubble wrap, polystyrene or shredded cardboard.

3. Pack in used cardboard boxes instead of new:

Most used cardboard boxes offer the same level of protection but cost a fraction of the price. Some of our customers have reported making cost savings up to 60% after switching to used cardboard boxes. In fact, a used cardboard pallet box from DCB costs approximately 66% less than a newly manufactured one.

4. Use shredded cardboard as void fill:

Modern void fill techniques are often costly. One solution is to purchase cheap, used cardboard boxes and invest in a carton shredder. This means you can create your own low cost void fill. Shredded cardboard has excellent cushioning properties, meaning your goods are well protected without the need for expensive packaging materials.

5. Use multi-function packaging:

Consider how much packaging you really need to secure your products. Sometimes cardboard sheets / layer pads can be used to secure goods onto pallets without the need for outer cartons. If packing a large volume of small robust products, an octabin or pallet box would enable you to pack a large number of products in one carton. A lid could also provide a small amount of extra packing space.


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