Finding the right Cardboard Layer Pads for your products

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Finding the right Cardboard Layer Pads for your products

Cardboard sheets, otherwise known as layer pads or dividers are commonly used to separate products on a pallet or within a box. Cardboard has great protective qualities and is a low cost, sustainable packaging method, popular in a variety of industries. Check out our guide to getting the most out of your cardboard sheets.


Dividing layers of products

Cardboard sheets are perfect for dividing smaller products. When transporting bottled or canned items they make ideal layer pads, separating the products and preventing any knocks or abrasions from occurring, particularly during transit. Cardboard dividers can be made to fit around a product, this is ideal for very fragile items such as wine bottles or glassware. These dividers tend to be interlocking and are often used in smaller cardboard boxes or bottle boxes.


Using in place of a box

Pallet sized cardboard layer pads can be used in place of a box when used to separate products on a pallet. This works well with larger items such as bottles or large tins. The standard or euro layer pads and products are placed in alternate layers on a pallet and the pallet is secured with pallet strapping. In this instance it is best to use double wall cardboard layer pads to provide strength and stability to the pallet.


Low cost, eco-friendly void fill

If you are looking for a low cost void fill, used layer pads can be easily shredded to make environmentally friendly void fill. Cardboard has excellent cushioning properties and can be neatly packed around products to protect them. It can be reused multiple times and easily recycled by the end user.


Why buy used cardboard dividers?

Buying once used is a great opportunity to drastically reduce your packaging costs and do your bit for the environment. Unless you need a particularly bespoke cardboard divider for a specific product, most cardboard sheets can be reused a number of times before they are ready to be recycled. This means you get a perfectly good layer pad at a significantly reduced price!

Your customers will be impressed that you are choosing to reuse. Both consumers and businesses are beginning to favour companies who use packaging more sustainably. Our packaging is truly sustainable in that is contributes to a circular economy by promoting reuse and working to design out waste. For every tonne, or approximately 7 pallets of cardboard layer pads that are reused instead of recycled, around 17 trees are saved! There are also significant environmental benefits in terms of reduced CO2 emissions, reduced water and energy usage.


Buy in bulk for volume discounts

If you’re a large volume user of layer sheets, buy in bulk for further discounts. Our used stock is very popular and can sell out fast so it’s a good idea to let us know your requirement and we can make sure we have your preferred layer pads available when you come to re-order.


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