5 ways to reuse a cardboard box and why it’s important

5 ways to reuse a cardboard box and why it’s important

Did you know that the average Briton has 200 parcels delivered every year? That’s a lot of boxes for cats to play in! Or forts being built.

Whilst the majority of these boxes will end up being recycled, there is a huge problem with cardboard boxes being only used as single-use packaging. That is because cardboard can’t be recycled infinitely and the process itself has an environmental impact.

That’s why we rescue large volumes of cardboard boxes destined for the waste stream. We then put them back into the supply chain for a second use. Following circular economy principles, we help companies reduce waste, keep the cardboard in use for longer and regenerate the natural environment.

But what about all those boxes that end up in people’s homes? If perfectly reusable and you no longer need them, we regularly recommend advertising them on either Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree to provide them with a second life.

However, there are also unique ways you can reuse a cardboard box:

Gardening with cardboard boxes Cat in a box

  1. Use them in your garden

There are many benefits of using cardboard boxes in your garden as a compostable material. Used as part of a mulch system, it can suppress weeds and improve soil quality.

  1. Convert a box into a dog or cat bed

Corrugated material is strong enough to turn old packaging boxes into a DIY dog or cat bed. It will take a little bit of love and care but your furry friend will love it.

  1. Repurpose cardboard into a scratching pad

An inexpensive DIY cat toy, cardboard can be an excellent material that can encourage your cat can scratch (rather than your sofa!). Layering the flute and glueing them together is the best way to create a scratching pad your feline friend will love.

  1. Turn cardboard boxes into coasters

A great way to be creative and they can even make great gifts! You’ll need some thick cardboard to make this possible along with a sealer to keep them waterproof.

  1. Reuse them as a cardboard box

As long as they are in good condition, you can simply reuse boxes as, well, boxes! They can be used again to send something in the post or as storage boxes.

Here at Reuseabox, we care so much about people and the planet. That’s why we are always doing our bit to make the world a better, happier and greener place for us all. This includes launching our reuse model and planting trees for every order placed!

To learn more about how you can save money and reduce the environmental impact of your packaging, get in touch today.



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