Source your packaging from Reuseabox

Save money and reduce your impact on the environment with Reuseabox.

Using circular economy principles, we divert used cardboard boxes away from traditional recycling and place them back into the supply chain for a second use. By keeping cardboard in use for longer you can help us save trees, water, carbon and energy!

Need boxes for your business?

We supply an extensive range of new and used cardboard boxes that can help cut your packaging costs and make a difference to the planet.

That is why we are the preferred cardboard box supplier for eco-conscious brands across the UK.

AZ1471 Used Double Wall Packing Boxes – 600mm x 500 x 500mm

Need boxes for personal use?

Our range of used moving house cardboard boxes are cost-effective AND better for the planet as we rescue them from the waste stream.

Starting from 13 boxes per pack, we have a wide range of options available to suit every house move.

1-2 bedroom house moving packs

Why should I buy from Reuseabox?

Opt for sustainability and savings by choosing to ‘Reuseabox’.

As your dedicated and purpose-driven cardboard box company, we can ensure that all your packaging, storage and shipping needs are fulfilled. And the best part? We plant trees with every order.

Working with our reuse community, we are able to offer a wide selection of used and new packaging materials that can save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

  • Our environmental tool shows our boxes are better for the planet.
  • Businesses love working with us – look at our 5* reviews!
  • As a certified B Corp, we are actively doing good for the world
  • With our used range, there are zero lead times
  • You can help us fund reforestation through 1% For The Planet
  • Premium and eco delivery available
  • You’re supporting a business that is actively making a difference

Buying your cardboard boxes from Reuseabox

Through our online shop, you can browse and purchase from a wide selection of used boxes, surplus boxes, brand new cardboard boxes and pallet boxes where we plant trees with every order. We also provide eco delivery as well as premium delivery to most areas across the UK.

Got a particular box in mind? We stock an extensive range including mailing boxes, postal boxes, large packing boxes, storage boxes and removals boxes for businesses.

Struggling to find what you need? For any business enquiries, our sales team is just a call away and can help source exactly what you’re looking for. Contact Us today to speak to a member of the team.

Cardboard Boxes

from 14p each

Used cardboard boxes in stock

Pallet Boxes

from £5.99 each

Layer Pads

from 28p each

Buy Cardboard layer pads from Reuseabox

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