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Welcome to Reuseabox, your go-to supplier for a wide selection of top-notch corrugated pallet boxes – both new and used!

Our pallet boxes are not just boxes; they’re your cost-effective shipping solution and do you know what the best part is? They can be shipped and delivered to you by tomorrow.

Designed with the needs of e-commerce and export companies in mind, our pallet boxes offer stability and protection. This means that your products reach their destination in style (and in one piece!)

Not sure what pallet box is right for you? The box you require may depend on whether you need a standard or euro size pallet for shipping. Thankfully, we’ve got variety of options available, ensuring your shipping game is strong, whether transporting via land, sea, air, or rail.

Browse our extensive range of pallet boxes for sale.

once used pallet boxes

Why choose Reuseabox for your pallet boxes?

Okay, we realise that shopping for pallet boxes might not top your list of favourite activities (unless you’re secretly a pallet box enthusiast, and if so, more power to you!).

But ensuring your products travels in style and safely is a must. That’s why we offer unbeatable packaging solutions that can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment.

By offering a wide selection of used pallet boxes as well as cardboard boxes and packaging materials, we make it possible for you to be budget-conscious and eco-conscious at the same time. That is because:

  • Our range of new and used boxes are better for the environment
  • As a certified B Corp, we put people and the planet before profit
  • We are actively tracking the impact of reuse
  • Our customer service is highly rated
  • You can help us plant trees through 1% For The Planet
  • Competitive prices, regular stock and large volumes
  • Premium and eco delivery available

Make a difference and join our mission to reuse cardboard boxes before they are recycled.

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Your reliable supplier of cardboard boxes

Explore our range of boxes and packaging materials through our online store. Choose from used, surplus, pallet, and brand new boxes, and contribute to tree planting with every order. Enjoy eco-friendly and premium delivery options across most UK areas.

Looking for a specific box? Our range includes mailing, postal, large packing, storage, and removals boxes. In short, we’ve got a wide variety of boxes to meet your needs.

If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, our sales team is ready to assist. Contact us today to connect with a team member who can help you source exactly what you need.

Used Boxes

from 26p each

Cardboard boxes from Reuseabox

Pallet Boxes

from £6.30 each

Cardboard boxes from Reuseabox. Pallet boxes available.

Cardboard Sheets

from 26p each

Buy Cardboard layer pads from Reuseabox

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