Your home moving pack questions answered!

We understand that moving home, office or any other premises can be a stressful process. Dealing with mortgage providers, solicitors, estate agents, moving companies – there is a lot of things to organise!

On that list shouldn’t be sorting out your moving boxes. That’s where Reuseabox can help.

Our home moving packs are high quality, durable, cost effective and better for the planet. With 8 different options, whatever the size of your home, we have the house moving pack for you.

We might not be able to deal with solicitors or estate agents for you. But we can make packing your home easier with high quality and eco-friendly cardboard box moving kits.

How many boxes will I get?

We have 8 different pack options available for you to choose from that offer a varied range of box quantities and sizes.

Will there be enough boxes?

Our house moving packs have been put together based on the industry average. We advise that you consider how much packing box space you need and then add 10%. It is always best to underestimate requirements.

What is included in the packs?

Our house moving packs offer great value for money. We have a variety of packs for you to choose from, whether you are moving house or office. Large or small, our packs are suitable for every home. Each pack includes:

  • moving boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • packing tape

How do they arrive?

Your house moving pack will arrive flat-packed for ease of transport

Will I need to make them up?

Yes, the boxes will need to be assembled once they arrive to use.

Can I return the boxes to you after I’ve used them?

We currently don’t offer a collection service for house moving packs. Whilst you should be able to recycle them, if they are still usable, we recommend putting them on Facebook Market Place, local Facebook groups or Gumtree.

Can you deliver to a flat/apartment?

If your collection address is non-residential or a flat, your parcel is likely to be let at a reception area or a safe place. Tracking for your order will be provided so you will have the option to divert your parcel if required.

Can I collect them from your warehouse?

Our house moving packs are only available for delivery, which is why we offer free eco-delivery.

Do you do the packing?

Unfortunately, you will be required to pack your boxes yourself when they arrive.

I'm not happy with my order, what do I do?

In the event you’re not happy with your order, please email with your order number and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss a resolution.

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