3 Reasons To Sell Used Cardboard Boxes For Reuse

6 April 2021By ellie Reuseabox

3 Reasons To Sell Used Cardboard Boxes For Reuse

Updated 08.02.22

Sell used cardboard boxes for reuse

Are you a manufacturer producing large volumes of cardboard waste? If yes, you probably bale your waste cardboard and send it off for recycling. However, there are numerous hidden costs to recycling, particularly in the waste handling process. You receive a rebate for your recycled cardboard waste but the price you can achieve is not fixed and constantly fluctuates. From an environmental perspective, cardboard cannot be recycled infinitely, which means it still carries an environmental footprint.

There is a solution! By switching to a Reuse Model you can sell your used cardboard boxes for reuse while minimising waste disposal costs and environmental impact. We’ve listed below the 3 main benefits of adopting a reuse model with Reuseabox.

3 reasons to sell cardboard for reuse

1. More efficient waste process

In the majority of cases, redundant or surplus cardboard boxes and layer pads are baled and sent off for recycling. Baling large quantities of used boxes is time consuming and costly because it requires more labour or the repurposing of your workforce, who could be allocated more effectively elsewhere. On top of this, you can incur a charge for collection and disposal of your boxes, which again, is eating at your financial returns.

When you switch to a reuse model, used cardboard boxes are separated and palletised by the same operative. This method is less time consuming and work intensive as it reduces double and triple handling. Additionally, pallets can be stacked 1.2m high which is 3x more efficient than baling because it allows for more storage than a waste bin. As a result, your cardboard waste disposal process becomes more streamline.

When you choose to reuse, specialist training for this method is available for free from Reuseabox. Alongside this, your surplus boxes will be collected for free when your pallets are full.


sell your cardboard for reuse

2. Greater financial returns from cardboard waste

Demand for used cardboard boxes is not always reliable and prices tend to fluctuate. This leads to income uncertainty and you might keep boxes on site for longer to gain a higher return. Additionally, when demand is low you may incur a disposal charge, resulting in higher overheads.

With a reuse model you can sell your cardboard boxes to Reuseabox and be paid a long term, fixed rebate for every box reused. This will decrease your overheads and you will achieve greater, more reliable financial returns from your cardboard waste.

Greater financial returns from cardboard waste

3. Reduce your environmental impact & Tackle Your Scope 3 Emissions

You might be wondering what the issue is with sending cardboard boxes directly for recycling. Other than the disposal costs that your business incurs, recycling cardboard boxes produces high volumes of CO2 emissions and requires vast amounts of water and energy. Cardboard can also not be 100% re-processed with recycled content. As a result, a proportion of new paper is still needed which causes the further destruction of trees and habitats.

Recycling will always be needed for cardboard which can no longer be used. However, by choosing to sell your used cardboard boxes you will reduce your business’s environmental impact by prolonging the life cycle of boxes, reducing waste and protecting our natural resources.

Selling your boxes for reuse is also an easy way to reduce your Scope 3 emissions. Emissions generated from your waste falls under scope 3. When you divert your ‘waste’ cardboard to reuse, this cardboard is no longer waste, but has been elevated up the waste hieracrchy. By keeping it in use for longer, you have helped to save carbon, energy, water and trees.


Reduce your environmental impact with cardboard box reuse


Waste Reporting

There is a growing pressure on companies to adopt more sustainable and transparent practices in order to meet net zero carbon by 2050. We offer a free environmental report when you choose the Reuseabox model. This report breaks down how your company has helped the environment through selling used boxes. It will include stats like how many litres of water has been saved and how many tonnes of carbon has been sequestered from using a reuse model over recycling. These stats can be used in your internal waste reporting processes.

A great example of  selling used cardboard for reuse:

PPG Industries, a global manufacturer of architectural coatings was looking to reduce the environmental impact of its day to day operations. Their factory produces large quantities of used cardboard boxes due to shipping in empty paint pots, tins, lids and containers. As a result, they were baling large quantities of high quality cardboard boxes which could be reused.

After expressing an interest in the reuse model, Reuseabox visited their site. It was identified that 70% of cardboard boxes in their waste stream could be reused. On top of this, by using palletising over baling, they were able to cut down on their double and triple handling of their cardboard waste. This created a more streamlined approach and reduced costs in their current waste process.

The switch to a reuse model has resulted in PPG Industries, Batley, achieving the Environmental Impact Award for minimising the business’ environmental impact.

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To summarise, a reuse model is a more efficient operation for your business’ cardboard waste than recycling. Choosing to reuse reduces your environmental impact, protects habitats for longer and brings greater financial returns. By switching to this model you will streamline your waste process which will cut labour costs. In addition, you will recieve free environmental reports which will assist you in tracking the impact of your waste.


The Reuseabox Model


From pallet boxes to octabins, we buy your cardboard boxes, collect for free and include specialist training and advice. By selling your cardboard boxes for reuse you give other businesses the opportunity to reuse cardboard and become more sustainable. For each of these orders we plant a tree as part of our 2 Million Tree Challenge to help restore damaged ecosystems, stabilise soil and regulate our climate.

Choose to reuse today! Contact our Reuseabox Sales Team to start implementing your Cardboard Reuse Model.

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