Reuseabox and make a difference.

Thank you for choosing Reuseabox today. By choosing to pack with us you’re helping to create a future where cardboard is reused before it’s recycled. Where our trees are protected before we plant new ones. And where businesses work together to tackle the global waste crisis. Find out more below!

Giving back to our planet.

When you choose to buy boxes with Reuseabox, you’re helping to make a real difference. In 2023 we became B Corp Certified and joined a global community using business as a force for good. Together, we’re shifting our economic system from profiting only a few to benefiting all.

We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means we donate 1% of our revenue to charities that help support the most urgent environmental issues, such as reforestation and carbon reduction projects around the world. 

We also joined the Million Tree Pledge and committed to planting a million trees by 2030! We’ve decided to make the pledge as a business to show that we’re serious about tackling the climate emergency.

Reuseabox in the warehouse

Reuse will always be better than recycling.

Reusing anything is ultimately good for the planet. It means you're creating less waste and also preventing the need for new things to be manufactured, which saves precious resources!

When you reuse boxes, you’re helping to keep trees in the ground. You’re also saving carbon, water and energy!

Reusing just one tonne of cardboard saves...




tonnes of carbon


KWH of energy


litres of water

Our impact report.

At Reuseabox, we are constantly looking for ways we can improve and make our business even better for the planet. We believe in making our business a force for good!

Use the button below to see our 2022 Impact Report and all of our sustainability goals for 2023.

Reuseabox Impact Report 2022
Reuseabox community


All of our customers and suppliers have the chance to join the Reuseabox community. A group of like-minded businesses and organisations who work together to tackle the climate crisis, one box at a time.

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Members of the Reuseabox community...

Join a whole host of innovative companies and start your journey towards planet friendly waste management.

Help us reuse cardboard boxes to shape a better future.