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At Reuseabox we divert used cardboard boxes away from traditional recycling and place them back into the supply chain for a second use.

By choosing used boxes and prolonging the life of cardboard boxes, you help to keep cardboard in use for longer, reduce waste and protect our Earth’s natural resources.

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reduce business carbon footprint

Better for the planet

By choosing to reuse, you help to save energy, carbon, water and trees! All in all much better for our planet.

Reduce costs with cardboard reuse


Once-used boxes will always be cheaper than buying them brand new. They also aren't subject to the same price increases that new boxes are, saving you lots of money!

zero lead times for cardboard boxes


All of our boxes come with zero lead times. Because we have diverted them from the waste stream we have them available to be posted to you now! Meaning less waiting around.

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we also
plant trees!

At Reuseabox we care deeply about giving back to our planet. Not only do we save trees from being cut down by reusing boxes, we also plant trees for every order placed.

Planting trees is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways we can tackle climate change. Each time you place an order you’ll get a certificate outlining your tree planting achievements. 

The Reuseabox 2 Million Tree Challenge
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