Stop buying brand new octabins & pallet boxes

choose to reuse!

Reuseabox collects high quality once used octabins & pallet boxes from companies across the UK. We quality check, repack and then redistribute to companies just like yours to be reused a second time.

This creates a low cost, sustainable alternative to brand new octabins & pallet boxes.

how it works

Most manufacturers generate large volumes of cardboard boxes in their production process. This is considered ‘waste’ and generally sent for recycling.

But there is an alternative that’s better than recycling. Reuseabox collects those used boxes and diverts them to companies like yours for a second use as packing boxes.

By reusing instead of recycling you can:

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Reduce your packaging costs
  • Reduce or eliminate your lead times

why reuse?


Once-used boxes will always be cheaper than buying them brand new. They also aren't subject to the same price increases that new boxes are, saving you lots of money!


All of our boxes come with zero lead times. Because we have diverted them from the waste stream we have them available to be delivered to you now! Meaning less waiting around.


By choosing to reuse, you help to save energy, carbon, water and trees! All in all much better for our planet. We also plant trees every time you place an order!

brands who choose to reuse a box

Join a whole host of innovative companies and start your journey towards planet friendly waste management.

Find out how we helped global manufacturer of architectural coatings PPG Industries reduce their carbon footprint through cardboard reuse…

did you know, we also plant trees?

Every time you place and order, we plant a tree on your behalf. Become a reuse ambassador and your tree planting stats will be including in your quarterly carbon footprint report.

Trees planted

how much could you save?

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