Stop Baling & Recycling Your Cardboard Boxes

Sell Them For Reuse!

Reuseabox will collect your used cardboard boxes and divert them into the reuse stream. We pay a rebate per box and provide quarterly environmental reports that can be used in your waste reporting. Keep reading to find out how your company can stop recycling and start reusing!

Sell Your Cardboard Boxes For Reuse

Most manufacturers generate large volumes of cardboard boxes in their production process. This is considered ‘waste’ and generally sent for recycling.

But there is an alternative that’s better than recycling. Reuseabox can collect your used boxes and divert them for a second use as packing boxes.

By reusing instead of recycling you can:

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Reduce your waste processing costs
  • Create a fixed income stream from your waste cardboard

The Reuse Process

A simple 3 step process for selling your used boxes, we provide full training and specialist equipment.


Your company flat packs the boxes at the point of unpack and stacks them onto pallets.


Full pallets are loaded onto a Reuseabox stand trailer. Once full we collect free of charge.


We buy your used boxes! Reuseabox pays a rebate for every box reused. This rebate is fixed for at least 3 years.

brands who choose to reuse a box

Join a whole host of innovative companies and start your journey towards planet friendly waste management.

why reuse?

Reduce costs with cardboard reuse

Cost Reduction

See a reduction in your waste processing and labour costs.

reduce business carbon footprint

Environmental Benefits & Free Eco Reports

Diverting your ‘waste’ cardboard to reuse is an easy way to reduce your Scope 3 Emissions. Get free carbon footprint reporting to include in your waste reporting.

fixed rebate

Achieve a fixed rebate for every box you send to reuse.

Find out how we helped global manufacturer of architectural coatings PPG Industries reduce their carbon footprint through cardboard reuse…

did you know we also plant trees?

Every time your used boxes get reused, we plant a tree on your behalf. Your tree planting stats will be including in your quarterly carbon footprint report.

Trees planted
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