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We're Saving Companies Up To
50% OFF Their Packaging Costs.


How it Works

We've partnered with over 1,400 businesses across the UK & Ireland to make it REALLY easy for them (and you) to reuse each others cardboard boxes

A Company Unpacks Items From Boxes

Rather than recycling the boxes, they are stacked onto pallets

Reuseabox Collects The Used Boxes

The boxes are quality checked at the Reuseabox Warehouses

Companies Just Like Yours Reuse The Boxes

By reusing the boxes you can save up to 50% OFF the cost

3 Reasons To Get Involved TODAY!

1. We Save You Money

£196k Saved!

A leading UK clothing retailer decided to switch from a brand new box which was used to send goods from DC to store and DC to customer, to a once used box from Reuseabox - saving themselves 41p per box (over £196k a year) and over 3,000 trees!

40k Boxes Per Month

41p Saving Per Box

3,028 Trees Saved

Save Time. Money. Trees

Companies Already Saving With Reuseabox

What Would A 50% Saving Look Like For Your Company?

2. You Avoid Supply chain Issues

no price increases
zero lead times

By reusing cardboard boxes you completely eliminate the manufacturing process - avoiding price increases and lead time issues. Order our boxes by 2pm for delivery within 1-2 business days.

3. You Protect The Planet

Save Trees.
plant trees.
protect wildlife.

We plant trees through Ecologi, an organisation that have already planted over 30 million trees worldwide. Trees are planted both in the UK and abroad where they help to reverse deforestation and support biodiversity.

What Type Of Boxes Do We Stock?

We stock a large range of high quality used cardboard boxes. Here's just a snippet of our entire inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have long term supply contracts with some of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors. This means we are able to source long term supplies of a large range of used cardboard boxes for up to 3 years.

Contrary to popular belief, the humble cardboard box is strong enough to be used a number of times before it is ready to be recycled. Our used cardboard boxes go through a strict inspection process before they are sorted, re-packed and made available for re-sale. All used cardboard boxes that we supply are clean, dry and perfectly reusable. Those that do not make the grade are recycled locally.

We have a range of boxes which are plain, lightly printed, heavily printed or plain with labels. Through the discovery process with you, we will find out which option is suitable for you and advise of the benefits of each type.

Yes! We wanted to find out exactly how cardboard box reuse compares to recycling in its environmental impact.

With the support of the Greater Lincolnshire Productivity Programme, we worked with independent environmental consultants and Dr Lan Qie from Lincoln University. The team studied the environmental impact of reuse over recycling and came back with some impressive statistics!

Our research enabled us to create the first ever carbon footprint tool that compares cardboard reuse to recycling.

We provide environmental reports to help you quantify your environmental savings from cardboard reuse.

Join The Reuse Revolution!

Whether you're switching 100% of your cardboard box requirements to used boxes, or want to optimise your current supply chain by only swapping out a few particular lines - Join the thousands of businesses big and small across the UK & Ireland saving Time, Money & Trees by working with Reuseabox.