Used Triple Wall Cardboard Octabins



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    These once used triple wall cardboard octabins are extra heavy duty. With a tough triple wall board grade and a built in crash lock base, they are capable of holding up to 1200KG in weight.

    Octabins are the strongest cardboard box available. These heavy duty shipping boxes are supplied with a separate lid and can be reused multiple times.

    NOTE: These octabins are sold as a mixed pallet with varying heights: 1400 - 1500mm. Please call 01636 626476 for further info.

    Key Features

    • Condition: Used
    • Strength: Triple Wall
    • Print Type: Printed

    Q. How do I assemble an octabin?

    A. Octabins are delivered flat pack on a wooden pallet. To assemble simply unfold the octabin and place on a wooden pallet. If the octabin has a crash lock base, ensure it is fitted together underneath the box. The lid will need folding separately and can then be placed on top of the box. Secure to the pallet with Pallet Strapping.

    • Waste & Recycling
    • E-waste
    • Plastic granules
    • High capacity bulky products.