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Octabins are perfect for shipping large, bulky, high capacity products. With a heavy duty double wall board grade, these octabins are capable of carrying up to 1200KG. They have a height of 1402mm and are designed to fit on a standard pallet.

These once used heavy duty octabins have a crash lock base and no lid. They also have a small probe hole from their previous use.

Previously used to transport plastic granules, they are in an excellent condition and could be reused multiple times before they are ready for the baler.

  • Condition: Used
  • Strength: Double Wall
  • Print Type: Printed

Q. Are octabins suitable for reuse?

A. Yes! Octabins are the strongest cardboard boxes you can buy. As such they are incredibly strong and durable and stapled for extra strength. We often hear that once used octabins have damaged some baling machines due to their strength. This is why it is much better to reuse octabins instead of buying new ones. Reuse is also better for the environment.

  • Plastic granules - if used with a liner due to probe hole.
  • Waste / Recycling
  • Liquid Bags