Used Printed Cap and Sleeve Pallet Boxes

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These strong double wall pallet boxes are octabin shaped with curved corners. This gives the box excellent stacking strength.

Cap and sleeve pallet boxes have a base, sleeve and lid. Ideal if you are loading large quantities of smaller items.

They were originally used to ship up to 500kg in weight.

Remember to purchase some Pallet Strapping to safely secure your pallet boxes to the pallet ready for shipping.

  • Condition: Used
  • Strength: Double Wall
  • Print Type: Printed

Q. How do I assemble and pack a cap and sleeve pallet box?

A. Cap and sleeve pallet boxes are designed for easy packing and unpacking. First construct the base by folding the edges together. Place on a pallet and stack your products on the base. When loaded, slot the pallet box sleeve around the products and place the lid on top.

  • Tins and pots.
  • Heavy items.
  • General warehouse
  • waste bins.
  • E-waste.