Used Plain Single Wall Euro Layer Pad

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Single wall euro layer pad are used and plain. They're designed for euro pallets and can be used for a variety of different packaging methods. Still in excellent condition, used layer pads help to stabilise stock, by securing loads to pallets and allowing stock to be double stacked when in transit. Although used, these cardboard dividers are in excellent condition and they are clean and dry. Only available in a small repeat supply, Contact Us to reserve future stock!
  • Condition: Used
  • Strength: Single Wall
  • Print Type: Plain

Q. Is my company reducing its environmental impact by using used cardboard boxes?

A. When you choose to reuse with Reusabox you are choosing packaging which supports a more Circular Economy. Through prolonging the life of used cardboard boxes you will be helping to protect our natural resources.

For every tonne of used cardboard boxes that our customers save from the baler, at least 5 trees are saved.

  • Layer pads between products on a pallet
  • Low cost void fill
  • Pallet protectors
  • As a base sheet on a pallet
  • As a cover sheet on a pallet