Single Wall Boxes New and Plain

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    Plain single wall boxes perfect for shipping a variety of small products such as stationary and small homeware.

    These new cardboard boxes are completely plain and unbranded.

    As these single wall boxes are brand new and end of line stock, they are fantastic value for money.

    Reduce your environmental impact by ordering today with eco delivery. We also plant a tree for every order you place as part of our Reuse Model.

    Key Features

    • Condition: New
    • Strength: Single Wall
    • Print Type: Plain

    Q. Is recycling cardboard boxes bad for the environment?

    A. The process of recycling requires vast amounts of water and energy which produces large volumes of CO2 emissions. Cardboard can also not be reprocessed with 100% of recycled content which means a new proportion of paper will still be needed. This results in the destruction of even more trees.

    By choosing a to reuse cardboard boxes you will be prolonging the life cycle of the trees and reducing the demand for cardboard boxes which helps the environment. Checkout our Sustainable Used Cardboard Range.

    • Small homeware products
    • Stationary