Mixed Pallet – New Printed Single Wall Cardboard Boxes



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This mixed pallet contains a range of new printed single wall cardboard boxes of similar sizes. Available at a heavily discounted price, these boxes are excellent value for money.

Mixed pallet includes the following single wall cardboard boxes:

  • 270 x 190 x 120mm. Q. 505
  • 270 x 160 x 100mm. Qty. 215
  • 340 x 220 x 140mm. Qty. 252
  • 350 x 170 x 100mm. Qty. 173
  • 220 x 170 x 150mm. Qty. 239
  • 235 x 180 120mm. Qty. 15

1,399 boxes in total.

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  • Condition: New
  • Strength: Single Wall
  • Print Type: Printed

Q. What size box do I need?

A. We recommend packing in a box that closely fits your product and doesn't allow the product to move around too  much. If you are using a mixed pallet of boxes that may not fit your product perfectly, use Bubble Wrap to fill out the gaps and ensure your product is protected from any knocks or bumps during shipping.

  • Perfect for e-commerce companies.