Heavy Duty Cardboard Sleeves – Triple Wall

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These heavy duty cardboard sleeves are perfect for protecting your products on a pallet.

Originally designed as pallet caps to slide over palletised stock, they can be reused as a protective layer during shipping.

These sleeves are triple wall in strength, offering plenty of protection and cushioning to your products.

  • Condition: Used
  • Strength: Triple Wall
  • Print Type: Plain

Q. What does triple wall mean?

A. Triple wall refers to the fluting of the cardboard. Single wall cardboard has one wavy line of cardboard sandwiched between two layers of linerboard. Double wall has two layers and triple wall has 3. Triple wall cardboard tends to be stronger and has greater protective properties. However the strength will also depend on the board grade.

  • Picture frames
  • Mirrors
  • Furniture
  • Plastic screens