Embossed Polyester Strapping – 12mm x 0.8mm x 1000m



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Secure your products to pallets with embossed polyester strapping.

Measuring 12mm x 0.8mm x 1000m, this polyester strapping has been manufactured with a 310kg break strain.

We recommend using embossed polyester strapping for medium to heavy duty requirements. It is suitable for use with electronic friction weld strapping tools.

Full polyester strapping dimensions are:
  • Thickness of strapping: 0.8mm
  • Width of strapping 12mm
  • Supplied on a plastic reel.
  • 1000m per reel.
  • 60 coils per pallet
  • Condition: New
  • Strength: N/A
  • Print Type: Plain

Q. What do you use embossed polyester strapping for?

A. Polyester strapping is primarily used for bundling and securing pallet loads of products together to offer further support and protection during storage and transport.

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  • Securing products to pallet
  • 310kg break strain.
  • Suitable for use with electronic friction weld strapping tools.