Our Top 5 Shipping Boxes for Sustainable Companies

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18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Our Top 5 Shipping Boxes for Sustainable Companies

If you’re looking for sustainable packaging, now is the perfect time to embrace reusable packaging options. Reusable packaging is low cost and better for the environment. When you reuse a product just once, you half the energy and raw materials needed to make the product and you also half the emissions produced in the process.

Cardboard boxes are often the preferred packaging for shipping goods. They are strong and durable and can be recycled after use. But did you know cardboard boxes are also a great reusable packaging option?

When you choose to reuse cardboard boxes, your packaging has a lower carbon footprint and ultimately saves trees. Keeping materials in use for longer is a key concept of the circular economy as it gives our natural systems time to regenerate. In the case of cardboard boxes, which require pulp from trees, even if we were to plant new trees, these trees would take 30 years to mature before they can start absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. This is why it is critical we protect trees by reusing materials such as cardboard and keeping them in use for as long as possible before they are recycled.


Our Top 5 Sustainable Shipping Boxes

Take a look at our top 5 sustainable shipping boxes. These boxes are all once used, environmentally sustainable cardboard boxes. They’re also available to ship right away and they’re considered a ‘stock box’, which means we have these boxes in on long term regular supply. Perfect if you need to order on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Our ref: AZ543 – Once used, strong, double wall cardboard shipping boxes

Size: 490mm x 380mm x 590mm

1 pallet of 260 boxes at 65p a box

Ideal for shipping tubs or containers that must be boxed up for shipping. This is a great box for e-commerce companies, capable of keeping your products protected even when handled by multiple carriers.


Our ref: AZ814 – Once used, heavy duty, double wall packing boxes

Size:600mm x 395mm x 490mm

Price: 1 pallet of 160 boxes at 89p a box

These packing boxes are perfect for protecting your products during transportation. Strong and durable, ideal for using as removals boxes, for homeware or textiles.


Our ref: AZ828 – Once used, strong, double wall packing boxes

Size: 660mm x 460mm x 390mm

Price: 1 pallet of 160 boxes at 94p a box

The perfect partner to AZ814, these packing boxes are similar in strength and durability. A great size box for removals companies that can be used again and again.


Our ref: BOC106 – Once used, heavy duty pallet box octabins

Size: 1200mm x 1000mm x 1000mm

1 pallet of 60 boxes at £6.99 a box

These pallet box octabins are designed to fit on a standard wooden pallet. A great low cost, sustainable packaging option for shipping large, bulky products.


Our ref: EXAZ81 – New, double wall euro pallet boxes

Size: 1200mm x 800mm x 800mm

1 pallet of 70 boxes at £7.29 a box

Brand new, end of line stock, these pallet boxes are designed to fit on a euro wooden pallet.


For our full stock list of sustainable packaging options, check out our website.

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